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The Only Way Is Crowdfund 360


At crowdfund 360 we work with you all the way to achieve your funding objectives. Our service is broken down into 6 topics, with an extensive training package

Case Studies

Us telling you how amazing we are is not enough so, view some of the many projects we have worked on and what our clients have to say about our services.

Tips & Tricks

We offer the DO’s and DON’Ts when crowdfunding, we also interview successful crowdfunders to share their story to inspire you to reach your crowdfunding goals

What We Offer

Crowdfund 360 takes you step by step through the whole planning, strategizing and creative process of crowdfunding that is as hands-on or as hands-off as you need. Having your very own campaign manager to help you make sense of the entire experience means you can spend more time focusing on making your product or project come to life and leaves us to make sure your campaign takes shape in the best way possible. For those who want to do more of the work themselves, we offer online training, workshops and general consultancy too.

Our mission is to help as many entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs to maximize their full business potential by helping them raise money from the crowd. We understand how difficult it is to persuade some to give you their money to start or grow your business but we believe and have seen with the right strategy it is possible.

Our culture is human focused. We may be strategic and process driven, but you as the client are at the heart of all we do. We welcome you into a friendly, caring environment to ensure you are as comfortable and as relaxed as possible during the crowdfunding process. Being corporate is not our style and we encourage you to share with us your worries so that we can put you at ease and to ultimately be yourself and enjoy the crowdfunding journey with Crowdfund 360.

  • Planning your Campaign 95%
  • Constructing your project page 90%
  • Building awareness 98%
  • Creating results & Problem solving 90%

Meet Our Founder

Jes Bailey

Originally from the Cotswolds, Jes is a bit of a Nomad, having worked and lived in the Turkey, Bangladesh, Egypt and the Netherlands, before moving back to the UK, specifically to Tooting, London.


Why Crowdfund 360

“I started Crowdfund 360 because it is my passion to help others achieve their goals and become successful and sustainable”


We summed up all the campaigns we’ve done, these are the figures we concluded with.

How Can We Help!


“ChoraChori took part in a crowdfunding campaign in Spring 2016, prior to which we benefited from an excellent webinar and one-to-one input from Jes. This was of central value in our raising over £20,000 over the ensuing month”



“Jes provided invaluable support to the design and implementation of our crowdfunding campaign through a 1-2-1 session and extensive emailing. Through her own success and experience she was able to share with us planning tools and techniques that added structure to our tasks. She provided feedback and suggestions to the content of our appeal story and a number of marketing ideas that we could adopt. She has been a source of motivation and encouragement throughout the campaign and we are ever so grateful!“


Fundraising & Marketing Manager, TEAM DOMENICA

“Our goal was to raise £7,608 for 27 new rescue kennels for our dogs in India. Within 6 weeks we had raised over £10,000 through crowdfunding with the support of Jes. Jes is a very dynamic and enthusiastic person, with great knowledge and skills, and she is brimming with ideas that are tailored to work for your organisation. She is a great listener and is very encouraging when it comes to trying new things to raise funds. Her support was really crucial to our crowdfunding success.“


Executive Director, TOLFA