“ChoraChori took part in a crowdfunding campaign in Spring 2016, prior to which we benefited from an excellent webinar and one-to-one input from Jes. This was of central value in our raising over £20,000 over the ensuing month”


“Crowdfunding with GlobalGiving UK in 2016 gave us the opportunity to meet with and to know Jes Bailey. We were crowdfunding novices. The webinars were particularly useful and we also had several one-to-one’s both before, during and after our crowdfunding campaign. She provided us with much needed support regarding the fundamentals of crowdfunding campaign. Her advice and inspiration helped us in many areas that include: (i) Better planning and creating network map by team work; (ii) How to develop successful social media campaign for crowdfunding (e.g. using Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram); (iii) Motivation to learn and use MailChimp for emails; (iv) Encouragement on how to use; (v) Availability for questions/answers to address various problems on crowdfunding. Her contribution to our learning and experience led us to successful results and we raised £3,500. We would like to continue our good work relationship with Jes.”


“The course on social media and using email effectively was an eye opener and helped in promoting the campaign throughout. The impact on social media helped increase donations dramatically! Our original target was £7,809 but we managed to raise £12,317 from 109 people”


“Jes was very helpful with the marketing aspect of the campaign particularly from her social media webinar training, where she suggested innovative and clever ideas to help grow followers and increase our awareness”

“Jes offered terrific marketing advice and bags of enthusiasm. She helped us achieve our crowdfunding target. Thanks Jes!”



“It has been brilliant working with Jes on our crowdfunding campaign. Not only has she been a pleasure to work with – always cheerful, positive and full of good ideas – but she really knows her stuff! As a crowdfunding novice, I have referred back to her excellent training on the use of email and social media constantly throughout our campaign. And if we were ever stuck for ideas, a quick email to Jes and she would come up with some wicked new approach. Her constant support, creativity and good humour throughout the process has played a huge part in our success.“


“The thing about crowdfunding from a small charity perspective, is that there are a lot of unknowns. Jes was my key point of contact during my first ever crowdfunding campaign. Through her advice, we raised £16,000 and our project was success! Jes was able to lay all my concerns to rest. Donations increased exactly when she predicted, they dipped exactly when she warned us they would, and the behaviours of donors was also consistent with her advice. This was empowering, and she really impacted my teams approach to digital fundraising. I look forward to working with her again in the future“


“I met Jes at my first ever crowdfunding workshop earlier this year, I was completely in the dark about the whole crowdfunding topic and really didn’t know what to expect. It was a steep learning curve with lots of information to take on, and although I was very inspired by the whole experience, I was also a little overwhelmed. At the end of the day I took the opportunity to ask Jes some questions on a 1.2.1 basis.  Jes was very helpful, not least because she made me feel that there was no such thing as a daft question! It was really her encouragement and reassurance that there would be support every step of the way that caused me to say “yes’ to signing up for our first crowdfunding challenge.

Jes kept true to her word and throughout the campaign continued to motivate and inspire, answer all the questions we had and also come up with some fantastic marketing ideas. A true asset to the team, Jes will continue to head the list of my “go to” people for support, advice, ideas and motivation. I have no hesitation in recommending Jes in any capacity to fellow crowdfunders.“


“Our 1:2:1 consultation with Jes both before and during the campaign, helped us get excited, fired up and inspired with out-of-the-box ideas. She even suggested we go out and about in the city in our canoe and link it back to our social media calls for donation. This created a fun, shareable news story for our campaign. It was also fun to do! All of Jes’s advice helped us launch its first crowdfunding project“


“Jes provided invaluable support to the design and implementation of our crowdfunding campaign through a 1-2-1 session and extensive emailing. Through her own success and experience she was able to share with us planning tools and techniques that added structure to our tasks. She provided feedback and suggestions to the content of our appeal story and a number of marketing ideas that we could adopt. She has been a source of motivation and encouragement throughout the campaign and we are ever so grateful!“


“During Global One’s participation in the GlobalGiving crowdfunding challenge, Jes was always on hand providing creative input and her expert opinion via workshops, webinars and 1-2-1 sessions on how best to market our campaign. Her passion and dedication helped us to not only reach our target, but exceed it!“


“Our goal was to raise £7,608 for 27 new rescue kennels for our dogs in India. Within 6 weeks we had raised over £10,000 through crowdfunding with the support of Jes. Jes is a very dynamic and enthusiastic person, with great knowledge and skills, and she is brimming with ideas that are tailored to work for your organisation. She is a great listener and is very encouraging when it comes to trying new things to raise funds. Her support was really crucial to our crowdfunding success.“


MICHAEL OHAJURU – BTEG (workshop in London)

“The passion and enthusiasm Jes has for crowdfunding is really infectious. She filled the room with her energy in the London workshop I attended. By giving practical tips and advice to all the attendees in their individual campaigns including my own. Jes’s management of the session on how to pitch your story in under 2 minutes was particularly effective and memorable. Jes has great energy and is a great communicator. I came away feeling energised and full of ideas to make my campaign happen”.


AYA SABRY – ASHOKA MIDDLE EAST (workshop in Cairo)

“As an Ashoka Arab World Fellowship representative, I had the opportunity to partner with Jes when she was working for GlobalGivingUK to provide Ashoka Fellows in Egypt with a training on crowdfunding. I was impressed by her enthusiasm in supporting social entrepreneurs to better represent their work to an online audience. Her technical knowledge was so helpful for the fellows giving them hands-on experience on how to develop their own online messages”.

KIRSTY HASSJES – WILTSHIRE CVS (2 workshops in Devises)

“Jess ran 2 half day workshops for us and the local charities in June. The workshops were described by the charities that attended as excellent. The local charities wished the workshops had been longer as there is so much to learn but really appreciated the time given to questions and answers as that brought up many different, interesting points and allowed people to share experiences”.


PAOLA ACETO– UNCHOSEN (workshop in Bristol)

“The workshop was a great introduction to online funding and crowdfunding. What I found most useful was the networking map that made me realise the incredible potential of our networks; the overview on how to plan the entire crowdfunding campaign, from the pre-launch to the follow-up, and the stress on how important it is to communicate the progress of the campaign with the supporters to build trust and keep their interest high. There was a lot of space for interaction during the day, and the chance to immediately apply the principles discussed to our projects. Jess made the day both incredibly useful and fun at the same time, with her deep knowledge but also lively and energetic personality. I would definitely recommend working with her!”.

LOUISA DAVIDSON – FREELANCER (workshop in Bristol)

“In her crowdfunding workshop, Jes took someone like me who knew almost nothing about this kind of fundraising and turned me into someone confident in crowdfunding, excited even!”.