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All you need to know about crowding funding. From planning to execution

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Our 1 to 1 support is the best, we get to focus soley on your idea. Every strategy is focused on making your campaign successful

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Campaign Management

Campaign management, we work with you through your whole campaign (minimum time commitment 3 months) and guide you step by step each week. We provide a lot of hands on support in terms of story, copy, content, film, imagery and marketing.

Intensive Workshops

We hold numerous one-day intensive workshops across the country. If you come in with a crowdfunding idea, you will leave with a plan of what to do and how to do it. We can also continue to support you after this day too through weekly supervision calls.

Online Training

We have a 6 part, 8 week online training course which consists of training videos, example videos, pdf downlaods of templates and cheat sheets as well as fortnightly 1-2-1’s with myself throughout the pre-campaign and campaign period. Each topic can be bought separately, but when bought together you will not only save money but also are eligible for extra support valued at over £100!

After Working On So many Crowdfunding Campaigns

We have broken down the whole crowdfunding experience into 6 topics.


Planning your campaign

We  plan the practical steps to implement your campaign


Your message and story

We work with you to convey your story in an effective style

Building your crowd

Attention is everthing! that is why we are help to get you noticed


Constructing your project page

Your page layout plays a role in telling your story affectively, we will help


Communicating your campaign

We help you to identify the language to communicate you campaign

Following up

At Crowdfund-360 we follow up on all our project to ensure success

Work With Us In Person

Crowdfund 360 takes you step by step through the whole planning, strategising and creating process and is as hands-on or as hands-off as you need. Having your very own campaign manager to help you make sense of the entire experience means you can spend more time focusing on making your product or project come to life and leaves us to make sure you campaign takes shape in the best way possible.

Let’s schedule a FREE 20 minute consultation call to determine what will work best for you and your budget.

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Testimonials From Past projects

Crowdfunding with GlobalGiving UK in 2016 gave us the opportunity to meet with and to know Jes Bailey. We were crowdfunding novices. The webinars were particularly useful and we also had several one-to-one’s both before, during and after our crowdfunding campaign. She provided us with much needed support regarding the fundamentals of crowdfunding campaign. Her advice and inspiration helped us in many areas that include: (i) Better planning and creating network map by team work; (ii) How to develop successful social media campaign for crowdfunding (e.g. using Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram); (iii) Motivation to learn and use MailChimp for emails; (iv) Encouragement on how to use; (v) Availability for questions/answers to address various problems on crowdfunding. Her contribution to our learning and experience led us to successful results and we raised £3,500. We would like to continue our good work relationship with Jes.



The course on social media and using email effectively was an eye opener and helped in promoting the campaign throughout. The impact on social media helped increase donations dramatically! Our original target was £7,809 but we managed to raise £12,317 from 109 people



“Our goal was to raise £7,608 for 27 new rescue kennels for our dogs in India. Within 6 weeks we had raised over £10,000 through crowdfunding with the support of Jes. Jes is a very dynamic and enthusiastic person, with great knowledge and skills, and she is brimming with ideas that are tailored to work for your organisation. She is a great listener and is very encouraging when it comes to trying new things to raise funds. Her support was really crucial to our crowdfunding success.“



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