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Introducing… Samantha

Crowdfund 360 has expanded! I would love to introduce our new Crowdfunding Campaign Officer to you all! After an intense 3 day training in London, Samantha is now working with us remotely and we want you to get to know her, because a) she is amazing and b) she might...

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Is Crowdfunding For Me?

You have either stumbled across this crowdfunding consultancy website randomly, or you have been carefully directed here through some marketing tactic – #sorrynotsorry. However, the fact of the matter is, you are here and probably thinking about crowdfunding. You may...

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Interview: Doggy Crowdfunding

In this first of a series of crowdfunding interviews, we interviewed Clara from TOLFA. TOLFA is a busy animal shelter in Rajasthan, Northern India. It works to rescue and treat injured animals as well as eradicate Rabies and sterilize street dogs. They have rescued...

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10 Ways To Spot A Crowdfunding Scam

Unfortunately, more and more illegitimate crowdfunding campaigns are popping up because of crowdfunding’s increase in popularity among the general public and the increasing ease of setting up your own crowdfunding platform. Moreover, because crowdfunding pulls on our...

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Create A Crowdfunding Video On A Budget

Helena and Daniel from Papilio Arts, checking over their script before filming starts Are you looking to launch a crowdfunding campaign and thinking about how to increase your chance at success whilst still keeping your budget as low as possible? One sure fire...

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Interview: Fantasticon – Scifi, Fantasty, Gaming Event

Today we are interviewing a seasoned crowdfunder. We provided some consultancy for Daniel. He raised £9,261 (original target £8k) from 130 people in 30 days for FantastiCon, an annual SciFi/fantasy/gaming and Live music event taking place in Hull, UK Sept 2nd/3rd. He...

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