Attendees to the workshop also found that:


Increase in knowledge on Crowdfunding


Increase in skills running a campaign


Increase in knowledge of other crowdfunding platforms


Increase in ability to craft a crowdfunding story

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Our workshops take place every couple of months and are capped to a maximum of 15 participants ensuring you get the most tailored experience whilst benefiting from peer feedback too. The workshops cover the following topics:


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The workshops cover the following topics:


Planning your campaign

We  plan the practical steps to implement your campaign


Constructing your project page

Your page layout plays a role in telling your story affectively, we will help


Your message and story

We work with you to convey your story in an effective style


Communicating your campaign

We help you to identify the language to communicate you campaign

Building your crowd

Attention is everthing! that is why we are help to get you noticed

Following up

At Crowdfund-360 we follow up on all our project to ensure success

All attendees are given a workbook to work through and take home which is full of cheat-sheets and templates so that you can continue to plan your crowdfunding campaign. Moreover, each participant is eligible for one free 1:1 consultation session at anytime in the future after the workshop.


It is advised that after the workshop you take a minimum of 4 weeks to further plan and develop the content before you launch your campaign.



Jes delivered a highly professional all-day workshop on Crowdfunding. The slides and hand-outs were excellent. There were interactive opportunities all the way through the day to apply what we were learning and get feedback. Fellow class-mates provided both inspiration and ideas. The end result was great, I now have a clear picture of how I can use Crowdfunding to fundraise for my project

Charles Appleby

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