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Campaign Management

With three packages on offer, we can provide you with a highly tailored solution.

Our Light Package includes a personalised strategy for your entire campaign perfectly designed to optimize your chance of success. We will help you with everything from growing your audience, to your storytelling and video script, to your project page and visuals all the way to your email and communications strategy and planning any events. This strategy provides the recipe for success, but it is down to you and your team to create the content and implement it.

Take the strategy one step further with our Pro Package, and we’ll build in the content for you, this includes all project page copy, emails, social media content and press releases.

Need help with the implementation? Our Premium Package does just that, as we’ll take care everything. Once we have planned your campaign, created all necessary content, we will ensure it all goes out smoothly too.

Intensive Workshops

Taking place every few months, our intensive full day workshops provide you the time and space to think about and plan your crowdfunding campaign. Workshops are tailored to participants to ensure you get the most out of your experience. With numbers capped at 15 per session, you can be sure that you’ll gain a huge amount from attending.

All our attendees are given a workbook to take away with them, full of templates and cheat-sheets to ensure you can continue to plan your crowdfunding campaign and everyone has access to a free half hour consultation whenever they need it before, or during their campaign.

Online Training

Our 8 week course is designed to take you you slowly through the planning process, allowing you to create all necessary content along the way, so that by the end of the 8 weeks, you are ready to launch your campaign. Ongoing online support is provided alongside weekly webinar and our workbook. We also give you two 1:1 sessions to allow you time to talk through your campaign and with one of our crowdfunding experts.

The course is broken down into 6 modules, and throughout you’ll learn how to run an effective campaign. From planning to storytelling at the start of your journey, right the way through to what you need to do when the campaign is over and ensure that you retain your backers.

Tailored To You

Work with us in person

We take you step by step through the whole planningstrategising and creating process and can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you need.

You’ll also get your very own campaign manager, meaning you can spend more time focusing on making your project come to life.

Work with us online

More of an on-the-go, digital nomad? That’s fine by us! We can work with you, wherever you are – from London to Belarus.

You’ll still get the same high-quality service and attention to detail that all our clients expect from us.

Past Campaigns

Field and Flower

Jes was a real help with our crowdfunding campaign. We’re a very small team so it was great to have an extra pair of hands on side. She gave us excellent advice on managing our campaign and maximising our fundraising potential. Jes’ assistance with our press release was especially helpful, she was a real asset.

Rachel Loosley
Field and Flower

Business Launchpad

Jes ran the crowdfunding programme for 14 social entrepreneurs supported by Business Launchpad. Jess was an exceptional facilitator and coach and managed to support the young entrepreneurs gain skills in crowdfunding and raise more than £37,000 for their projects with 500 supporters. This had a big impact on the young people and their communities and enabled young entrepreneurs to work together, action their activities and gain the confidence to run campaigns and materialise their projects. Thank you Jes it was a pleasure working with such an inspiring young entrepreneur.

Andria Takkidou
Business Launchpad