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8-part Crowdfunding Online Course

Our 8-part online crowdfunding course will teach you everything you need to know in preparation to launch your campaign. With 7 hours of webinars (split over 6 topics), 2 hours of 1:1 consultation with a crowdfunding expert, and 37 templates both online and in a physical workbook as well as tips of the day everyday your campaign is live, we are sure your campaign will be a success! Typically, clients take the webinars weekly and the two 1:1 sessions before launching, with the final webinar (the follow up) undertaken post campaign, meaning you are hand held throughout the whole experience (usually 3.5 months). Those who undertake our online training course raise an average of £36,211.

We are so confident that our course will help you reach your crowdfunding target that we even have a money back guarentee!

Price: £650

6 week Build Your Crowd course

This 6 week course takes you from wherever you are, whether that’s no crowd at all or only a small following and grows your audience to a loyal, engaged and sustainable customer base. We look at your brand values, your needs, your target market as well as your industry on a wider level before helpign you set up your landing page, email lists and social pages to the most optimised levels. Once that’s complete we teach you how to create engaging content that converts and how best to anaylse and refine your offerings.

Price: £499

Is Crowdfunding right for you?

If you are unsure about whether to pursue a crowdfunding campaign or if you have some basic questions about the process we have this quick 20 minute call option for you. We charge £10 for this and that money will either go back to you if you launch your campaign within 3 months, or we will donate it to one of the charity crowdfunding campaigns we are working on. 

Price: £10

Crowdfunding Preparation Workbook

We have collated 17 of our most popular templates for crowdfunding content creation and strategy and combined them into a handy workbook for you to use in preparation for your crowdfunding campaign. We will also share a link to 5 online documents which will help you both before and during your crowdfunding campaign. Following our successful strategy used for the past 3 years, the templates and guides help with planning, storytelling, building your crowd, laying out the project page and communicating the campaign. They will also help navigate the time your campaign is live and allow you easy access to analyse your project and communicating effort to better promote your campaign and raise more funding. So if you are looking for assistance with your crowdfunding content creation and want to run your campaign following a strategy that is proven to work, then grab one of our workbooks today.

Price: £45

1 hour consultation

Do you have questions about crowdfunding? Not sure what platform to use? Want to check in with an expert to see how you can improve your campaign? Want to make the most from match-funding opportunities? Unsure how to make PR work for your campaign? Is it harder than you imagined? Do you need an emergency strategic rethink mid-campaign? Whatever the situation, our crowdfunding expert, Jes Baikins will be able to listen to your situation and provide you with the guidance and tips you need.

Our 1:1 sessions are either held in our office in Jersey or via Microsoft Teams or telephone. Whichever is most convenient for you.

Price: £65

Tip of the Day Calendar

Running a crowdfunding campaign is stressful, trust us we know! That’s why we have created our Tip of the Day calendar. We know that the campaign period can be stressful, busy and even your most organised strategy can sometimes go out the window. So every day of your campaign, we provide you with a reminder or tactic you might have forgotten about. All our tips are quick and simple to implement and will boost your chance of success. These are the same tips we give to all our clients who crowdfund with us. So whether you are buying this in preparation for your launch, because you’ve already launched and are a bit stuck or even as a gift for someone you know is crowdfunding – let our tips guide your campaign to success. The psychology of crowdfunding has been taken into account when creating this, as well as the experienced of 60+ campaign owners before you.

Price: £19

Intensive Workshops

Taking place every few months, our workshops and webinars are either intensive full day workshops or shorter introductionary sessions. They provide you the time and space to think about and plan your crowdfunding campaign. Workshops are tailored to participants to ensure you get the most out of your experience. With numbers capped at 15 per session, you can be sure that you’ll gain a huge amount from attending.

All our attendees are given a workbook to take away with them, full of templates and cheat-sheets to ensure you can continue to plan your crowdfunding campaign and everyone has access to a free half hour consultation whenever they need it before, or during their campaign.

Past Campaigns

Field and Flower

Jes was a real help with our crowdfunding campaign. We’re a very small team so it was great to have an extra pair of hands on side. She gave us excellent advice on managing our campaign and maximising our fundraising potential. Jes’ assistance with our press release was especially helpful, she was a real asset.

Rachel Loosley
Field and Flower

Business Launchpad

Jes ran the crowdfunding programme for 14 social entrepreneurs supported by Business Launchpad. Jess was an exceptional facilitator and coach and managed to support the young entrepreneurs gain skills in crowdfunding and raise more than £37,000 for their projects with 500 supporters. This had a big impact on the young people and their communities and enabled young entrepreneurs to work together, action their activities and gain the confidence to run campaigns and materialise their projects. Thank you Jes it was a pleasure working with such an inspiring young entrepreneur.

Andria Takkidou
Business Launchpad