Donr crowdfunded £280,000 on Crowdcube to expand their text giving and other digital fundraising solutions used by charities.


Donr seeks to tackle 3 key problems faced by the charity sector:

1. A rapid decline in cash payments. Donr’s platform offers a range of digital fundraising solutions aimed at helping charities seamlessly transition to digital.

2. A lack of digital skills. 53% of charities feel a lack of skills is a barrier to digital progress – Donr’s platform is built to support charities with these skills.

3. Cost. Donr’s fee structure is designed to make their platform accessible, to benefit charities of all sizes.

We worked with Donr for a number of months to create a pesonalised and holistic strategy for them to implement which covered, pitching, networking, email and social. We have helped them manage their Crowdcube campaign from start to finish. In the end they closed their crowdfunding campaign and indtead took the funding through private investors.


Visit Donr’s Crowdcube page here