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Campaign Planning

We share our 6 step plan to crowdfunding success and work with you week by week to implement it.

Page Construction

Your crowdfunding page layout plays a huge role in telling your story effectively and ensuring your success.

Building your crowd

You can’t crowdfund without a crowd! We help you figure out who will back your campaign and how to get noticed by them.

Message & Story

Every successful crowdfunding campaign needs a strong story. We work with you to convey this  through both words and imagery.


We help you to identify the language to communicate your campaign. We assist you with email marketing, social media marketing, PR, events and guerrilla marketing.

Analysing the results

At Crowdfund 360 we follow up on all our projects to ensure they deliver and backers will come back to them again and again.

Schedule a FREE 20 minute consultation

Book onto one of our 20 minute consultations to ask us your burning crowdfunding questions and let us match you with the service that will best fit your needs.

For a more indepth session jump straight onto an hour consultation.

Having your very own campaign manager to help you make sense of the entire experience means you can spend more time focusing on making your product or project come to life and leaves us to make sure your campaign takes shape in the best way possible.

Our Story

Jes Bailey

Founder, CEO


I started Crowdfund 360 back in 2016 because I loved seeing people come together for good causes and bring ideas to life. I do not think great ideas and passionate people should be held back due to a lack of funding. Getting 20 or 200 or 2000 people to support your project or business is much more sustainable than one loan or grant. Crowdfunding is not magic, it is the combination of a science and an art. I want to share this recipe for success with startups, social entrepreneurs and charities to enable more amazing people to bring their projects to life.


Since starting Crowdfund 360, I have run over 70 crowdfunding campaigns for clients from all around the world. I have also run over 150 workshops and webinars on crowdfunding throughout the UK, Europe and Middle East.

Before becoming a crowdfunding specialist, I had the pleasure of working for a global crowdfunding platform and for a number of charities and philanthropic organisations in the UK, Holland, Egypt and Bangladesh. I’ve spent my professional career developing the skills necessary to drive successful and high-profile campaigns.



Jes worked with us at SafetyNet Technologies to help us run our Indiegogo campaign for PISCES, our first batch-produced research device. Jes took charge from the first meeting, immediately demonstrating that we were in safe hands. With a robust set of lists and strategies, Jes guided us through the preparation, setup and eventual campaign, soothing our worries and pushing us to do the right things at the right time.

Dan Watson
SafetyNet Technologies

Swytch Bike

Jes from Crowdfund 360 was our secret weapon when trying to launch a successful crowd funding campaign for the first time. We had high ambitions and no prior experience of crowd funding – Jes gave really great advice and really got to know our business and our product inside out so we really felt we could trust her judgement, which was always spot on! We worked with a lot of other agencies along the way through what was a tough process , but we managed to avoid a lot of problems and capitalise on a lot of opportunities thanks to having Jes on hand all the time to help us. She definitely helped us in our campaign which raised over $300k.

Oliver Montague
Swytch Bike

Fischy Music

From the very start of working with Jes at Crowdfund 360 to the end of the campaign several months later it was both an effective and fun (and at points scary!) experience. Jes really knows her stuff but has a light touch and is able to both see the big picture as well as the small details. When we were flagging after about 1 month of the campaign she came into our office and lifted our spirits, helped refocus our efforts, it was a real turning point in the campaign. It was a very ambitious target we set but Jes guided us, gently encouraged us and all with good humour.

Stephen Fischbacher
Fischy Music

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Crowdfunding is HARD WORK - it is not a quick fix, quick win or free and easy money. We constantly stress how much work it takes because the clients we want to work with are prepared to put the effort in and reap the short, medium and long term benefits of crowdfunding. We aim to help you succeed in hitting your fundraising goals and we take that role very seriously. We are not a full service agency and we rely on working collaboratively with our clients to ensure their campaigns are a success. Our goals are that we can upskill you enough to run future campaigns too. Our goals are to help you make the world a better place so if your campaign is not aligned with our goals or you are not prepared to put the hard work in, we will not work with you.

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