Join our 6 week ‘Build Your Crowd’ course and build a community of loyal ambassadors and customers

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Join our 6 week 'Build Your Crowd' course

Our 6 week course takes you from where you are now, even if that is the absolute beginning, to a place where you have a crowd forming. You will end the course with an engaged social media following, an email list with a strong open rate and knowledge on how to continue growing this audience to sell to them when they’re ready. The course is taught through a series of webinars, interactive activities, mini challenges and 1:1 sessions.

 Launching April 5th

Our tried and tested curriculum

1. Identify your proposition

2. Define and find your target market

3. Competitor and market analysis

4. Set up and organise your channels

5. Create creative content

6. Analyse and improve


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Why build a crowd?

 Why build a crowd?

Customers should be the most important element of a business, but trying to get in front of the right customers, at the right time, with the right messaging can be hard given the saturated nature of the internet. Many turn to paid advertising in order to bring in customers and boost their community. But through our work on crowdfunding campaigns we have developed a strategic and proven way to organically build your crowd. Though it may feel like it will take longer, it will be much cheaper and more sustainable in the long run.


Crowdfunding (and selling in general) is all about finding people who love what you do enough to financially support you, and the more money you want to raise, the more people you need to find. To raise £10,000, you typically need 400 people to financially buy in and let’s be honest not everyone you ask to buy in will. Through all our research we have found that typically your crowd needs to be over 10x the number of people you need to back your campaign.

Why take this course?

Crowdfunding is all about building a crowd, engaging with that crowd and ultimately selling en mass to that crowd in a short time frame. Having run over 70 campaigns in 4 years with an 83% success rate, often to clients with limited budgets, we have really figured out how to build a crowd in the most time and cost efficient way. Because we want to upskill entrepreneurs and ensure their businesses LAST, our course guides you through the process step by step and sets good habits from the start. 

Whilst we can’t put numbers on the amount this course will increase your crowd size to – that depends a lot on how much work you put in and how niche your audience is, we can guarentee that by the end of the course you’ll be attracting the right people with the right content to the right products that you can sell to them when they’re ready – and you’ll know when that is.