Helena and Daniel from Papilio Arts, checking over their script before filming starts

Are you looking to launch a crowdfunding campaign and thinking about how to increase your chance at success whilst still keeping your budget as low as possible?

One sure fire technique is to include a video.

A common question is: do I need expensive equipment?

The answer: no. All you need to get started is a solid idea of your project or product, a relatively recent smartphone that can shoot video in HD, a laptop or desktop computer and a friend to help you film.

Here are the key points needed to create a crowdfunding film on a low budget:

To Start:

Number one is creating a compelling story or message for your campaign – if you are running a crowdfunding campaign, you probably have this already.

The Story:

The best way to tell your story is to begin with why you started your crowdfunding campaign in the first place. Take the viewer on a journey from where you started through to where you are today and why you are crowdfunding. The story should not be too in-depth as you only have two minutes. It does however need to be emotional, interesting, well thought out, and above all it needs to connect with your audience.

After covering the past and the present, you then need to talk about your aspirations for the future and what this campaign will mean for your project if it’s successful. How will it help? What will it help? Who will it help? Why should people care?

Finally end on a strong call-to-action such as, ‘Please support me in bringing this project to life, whether you can pledge/donate or just spread it on social media, anything will help us succeed’.

To make this easier to remember and plan, you might want to consider drawing out a storyboard of the different scenes in your video to help you visualise the end result.

Shoomari from Smoke N Jerk being filmed for his crowdfunding video


Great you’re nearly there, now you need to put your film together.

  1.     Download some basic video editing software and learn how to use it. Check out this list of free video resources.
  2.     Put all of your clips, including your B roll into the software and put them together as you planned everything out in your storyboard.
  3.     When you have your spoken pieces and B roll all nicely put together. Consider adding some free music over the top, be sure that the music tone is the same tone as the video. YouTube has a library of songs you can use.

Chinelo from Good Cake Day editing her crowdfunding video

Now your video is ready to be uploaded onto a video platform like YouTube and then onto whichever platform you have chosen. Be sure to also share this video out across social media and in your emails about your crowdfunding campaign.

If you need more help in creating your video or want to access our video content checklist or script template, email info@crowdfund-360.com


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