How can taking a T shirt and your favourite knickers into a dry cleaners in Yorkshire turn into a global business?

How can one late night reading rabbit hole lead to a business and then a successful Kickstarter?

How can 2 sisters located in 2 countries on opposite sides of the map smash their crowdfunding goal during a global pandemic lockdown?

Amanda McCourt tells the story of how Pantee was founded and how they went on to run a successful Kickstarter campaign in November 2020. Amanda and her co-founding sister took their ‘crazy idea’ and turned it into a business. They share the highs and lows of their crowdfunding campaign and give valuable insights into the process of anyone looking to run their first crowdfunder.

This is an inspiring story of how:

– an idea many people thought impossible became a reality

– teamwork between the sisters made the campaign a success

– sometimes the ‘easy route’ doesn’t work out

– innovative businesses are reducing waste

– saying YES and dedicating your time and energy can bring about amazing things!

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