How does the ripple effect in crowdfunding work?

How is it easier to gain the trust of 278 everyday investors than just 2 angel investors?

How did someone so sceptical of crowdfunding hit their campaign goal with 3 weeks to go?

Michael Lawal tells the story of how came to life and why he, as a black founder chose to crowdfund his enterprise. Michael delves into the importance of building a community ahead of his campaign and stressed the importance of following up and how his campaign smashed its target through a ripple effect from his own initial audience. Michael’s story is essential watching for anyone looking to crowdfund.

This is an inspiring story of how:

– black founders can raise funding

– building trust and credibility is the key to success

– Twitter is a powerful tool

– Michael took his mother’s biggest problem as a trader and has now created a solution

– to make money whilst also making people’s lives better in the process

To visit the crowdcube page and potentially invest visit:

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