How can you take your local council to court?

How can you smash your crowdfunding target of £30k without traditional marketing methods?

How can you get over 1000 backers without an email list during a pandemic?

Joelle and the people of Ealing wanted to challenge the local council’s LTNs which were put in place without consulting the locals. They hit their £30k crowdfunding target and went on to hit their £35k stretch goal. Even more amazingly, 1025 backers supported this campaign.

As a reminder, this was not Joelle’s job or business, this was a personal project!

This is an inspiring story of how:

– a community can come together

– you can achieve your goals without a mailing list and traditional marketing methods

– you can create a successful crowdfunding campaign for a legal matter

– 1025 people supported this local campaign during a global pandemic

– saying YES and figuring it out after can lead to amazing things

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