Accessible Iris

Accessible Iris raised 240% of their target on Crowdfunder. They raised money to create a disabled friendly converted campervan so families can go on holidays together.

Parents Jemima and Cody hit their initial fundraising target (£14,000) within a couple of days of launching their campaign. They then went on to hit their stretch goal (£23,000) within their first week, prompting them to consider further stretch goals, they ended their campaign having hit £33,610!

They have received press coverage on the BBC and over 375 supporters in the first week. Their campaign ended with 485 supporters.

Cody and Jemima took our 8 week crowdfunding course ahead of the launch of their crowdfunding campaign and attend our group coaching sessions weekly too.


Visit the Accessible Iris crowdfunding campaign page here


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July 15, 2021