Khushi Kantha

Khushi Kantha raised £10,810 on Crowdfunder from 217 people to create their first collection of sustainable, multi-purpose baby blankets. Every blanket purchased empowers a mother in Bangladesh.

Laura, mum of 1 year old twins set up Khushi Kantha to empower Benglai mothers. She has a background of working out in humanitarian projects in Coxs Bazaar and her twins are half Bengali. Laura used our preparation workbook to prep for her campaign and once launched she also came to our crowdfunding power hours to get more advice and feedback. 

With 2 weeks to go this campaign was on 65%. It then shot up to 89% with 1 week to go and then overfunded by £810 before it closed. 


Visit their campaign page here


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May 6, 2021