The Mermaid, the otter and the big poo

Lindsey raised £10,532 from 404 supporters on Crowdfunder to create a film and citizen science movemement all about the state of our rivers.

Lindsey swam the length of the River Avon towing a big poo to highlight river pollution and is now making a film about it whilst encouraging others to test our waters and lobby governments about it too.

Lindsey has come to a couple of our group power hour sessions since launching her campaign.

With 1 week to go she had hit 88% funded from 275 backers. 5 days before the end of her campaign she hit her 100% goal from 337 supporters and started working towards her stretch goal of £11,000. She ended the campaign with almost £2,000 extra funding.

Visit their crowdfunding page here

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Posted on

November 11, 2021