We have guest blogger Amy Smith, copy writer and Brighton Girl community manager writing this blog post about our upcoming sustainable fashion campaign. Amy lives in Brighton with her partner, rats and cat.

Amy Smith

Come with me. We are going to open your wardrobe and have a good, long, hard stare into its contents. Be honest, how much of it do you love? How many items are in excellent condition? What percentage of it is left there, aimlessly, never being used?

If you’re anything like me the answer to the above is quite shocking. I’ve got things hanging in there that I wore when I was 18 and a size waaaay below what I am now – I keep it purely for sentimental reasons as if losing it will create some kind of hole in the universe. Look at your items, without sounding too much like Marie Kondo – which items really do spark joy? And which items really, should never have been bought in the first place. (I’m looking at you pleather leggings.)

We, as Brits live in an era where we can order clothes online and have them on our doorstep overnight. We buy and we buy with the pressure of looking good and never being seen in the same outfit twice, we are presented with the idea of trends and what is ‘in’ or ‘out’ encouraging us to buy way more than we should and invest in working conditions and practices that are dangerous, at best.

As ever, all is not lost. Enter Silfir – a company born from the desire to change all of the above and make simple, sustainable and ethical garments that give you wear unparalleled to others. It works in such a genius way; you buy the product(s) from them, made fairly and wonderfully, and when and if it breaks or needs fixing you send it to them, for free, to be repaired. Voilà!

Silfir clothes have three times the wear life of others and due to this, people are starting to talk about them. Not stopping at all your basic go to clothing i.e leggings (my crime stats on leggings is horrendous!) Or trousers and jumpers they are looking forward to bring to us the ultimate item. The suit.

Imagine a suit you can have for life, no matter what. I know I personally find this incredibly exciting and hope you will too.

Founder Hannah Kromminga wearing her new soft workwear uniform

To sign up early and get up to 40% off this amazing piece when it launches in May, sign up here

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