Three Peaks Africa

Three Peaks Africa crowdfunded £8,641 from 63 supporters on Chuffed in June 2018.

Three Peaks Africa had the tough job of raising funds for a different charity that would improve the working conditions of porters in Tanzania who climb mount Kilimanjaro. Three Peaks Africa had an original goal of £14,805 but fell short of their target due to a number of external factors, some of which no one had any control over, e.g the great weather the UK had in June 2018 which meant less people were inside on computers.

Nevertheless, Three Peaks Africa used a creative mix of email and social marketing as well as guerrilla marketing at running events which in turn led to user generated content. Three Peaks Africa attended our 8 week training course in Brixton before embarking on their campaign where we taught them and guided them through all the planning, storytelling, building their crowd, email marketing, social media marketing, PR etc.

Since finishing their crowdfunding campaign, the money has been spent on improving the rights of porters in Tanzania and Three Peaks Africa has continued to use the skills they learnt to create effective marketing campaigns and increase their work to cover a trip to Morocco as well.

The course Marie took follows that of our online 8 part crowdfunding training course. More information on that course can be found here.

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December 14, 2018