Wee Seeds

Wee Seeds successfully crowdfunded £7,048 from 123 supporters on Chuffed in December 2018.


Wee Seeds were raising funds to develop their app to teach mindfulness to young children as mother and entrepreneur Christina found there was a gap in the market after she turned to meditation apps for herself and her son.

Wee Seeds founder Christina attended our full day workshop in Edinburgh in September before she embarked on her crowdfunding campaign. During the campaign Wee Seeds was active in reaching out to the main target audience through social media and PR. Christina managed to build many useful networks because of the crowdfunding campaign and was able to run it alongside parenting and Christmas chaos.

Since finishing her crowdfunding campaign, Christina has begun fulfilling the rewards and is working on the app.


Visit the Chuffed crowdfunding page here

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Posted on

February 8, 2019