The Aibubbl. by Airlabs

Airlabs successfully crowdfunded £53,126 from 187 backers on Kickstarter in November 2017.


Airlabs were raising funds to produce their consumer product the Airbubbl. This device creates a pollution free zone inside your car making the air much healthier to breathe.

Airlabs received a lot of press attention for their crowdfunding campaign, which included being featured on the BBC and in the Evening Standard. They also ran a great social media and paid social campaign. Their message spread across the globe with backers coming from India to Panama, London to New York to South Africa. It was a truly global campaign.

Since finishing their crowdfunding campaign, Airlabs did further testing to improve the design and functionality of the product and are now a year later shipping out their product. They have also gone on to speak at several conferences and won awards too.


Daniel Da Costa, Marketing Director for Airlabs, wrote this about his experience working with us on the Airbubbl. campaign “Jes was absolutely brilliant in helping us launch our product on Kickstarter. I highly doubt we would have hit our target if it wasn’t for her organisation, experience and pushing. We had little experience with how to crowdfund on Kickstarter, but Jes came in and made the whole process simple. She organised what we needed to do and when, prompted us on what to create and what to push, and kept us on track throughout. Jes’s experience was incredibly valuable and I could not recommend her enough if you are thinking of crowd funding.”


Visit the Airbubbl. Kickstarter page here

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November 16, 2018