Craved successfully crowdfunded £201,090 from 134 supporters on Crowdcube in June 2018.


This was Craved’s second equity raise on Crowdcube. Although their page says they raised only 90%, they went on to raise £201k in this round. Craved is an e-commerce site aimed at promoting independent food and drink retailers across the UK. They were raising funds to expand their gifting business and launch a new Naked-Wines subscription package.

We assisted Craved with their campaign once it had launched and had hit a stagnation. We worked with them to re-inject life back into their outreach, story, networks and marketing techniques.

Craved raised the funds due to their extensive network of investors and needed help only with strategising, remaining on track and providing adhoc support. They saw how much the crowdfunding world had changed since their earlier fundraising round in 2016 and therefore needed to update their plans and strategy.

David, Founder of Craved, wrote this about working with us, “Jes and Crowdfund 360 provided knowledgeable and insightful support to our crowdfunding campaign and were instrumental in helping us hit our target. We’d recommend them to anyone looking for guidance and support for their crowdfunding campaign.”


Visit Craved’s Crowdcube page here

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Posted on

December 3, 2018