MindSCAPE and Hawkwood College

MindSCAPE and Hawkwood College took our 8 week crowdfunding training course together and then ran their crowdfunding campaigns with matchfunding from Arts Council England. They both ran their own individual campaigns with different targets. MindSCAPE raised  £5,400 and Hawkwood College raised £12,027 back in June 2018.


MindSCAPE were raising funds for their innovative arts project which would enrich the lives of elderly with dementia in the Forest of Dean and Hawkwood College were raising funds to provide scholarships to 28 change makers to their 5 day residency programme.

MindScape and Hawkwood College took our 8 week training course and combined in person training with online webinars to fit our/their schedules. They had secured their matchfunding prior to the training course. The two organisations undertook the training and did the relevant homework weekly to stay on schedule which was a key reason for both campaigns doing really well.

Since finishing their crowdfunding campaigns, MindSCAPE have implemented their project and have seen a sustained rise in their engagement on social media. They also have passed on their email marketing, social media marketing and project management skills learnt to a new member of the team and continued to receive donations for the project offline.

Hannah, General Manager for Artspace Cinderford (Mindscape project), write this about their experience crowdfunding with us, “The training we received from Crowdfund 360 has benefited Artspace in more ways than we expected. Not only did we learn how to run a crowdfunder campaign which raised more funds than we had expected, we also learned some really valuable information about marketing ourselves as an organisation, and this has continued to have a knock-on effect in the way we communicate with our supporters – we would highly recommend working with Crowdfund 360!”

Hawkwood College have since sent out all their rewards and continue to use the skills they have learnt across their media channels.

Here is the MindSCAPE video:

Visit the MindSCAPE crowdfunding page here

Here is the Hawkwood College crowdfunding video:


Visit the Hawkwood College crowdfunding page here

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December 4, 2018